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Episode 8: JOSHUA MILLER | Running To Purge Negativity & Live Life To The Fullest

Posted by Hugo Mendez on

💥My guest this week is Joshua Miller, but he goes by “Primal Flow” or “Primal” (don’t worry, he'll talk about his nickname during the show)

💥Joshua is a competitive ultrarunner and also an entrepreneur.

💥But Joshua’s ultrarunning career started almost by chance… and only a few years ago.

💥Looking for a way cope with drug and alcohol addiction, he found in running not only a way to redirect his anger, pain and energy but also a way to feel more alive, to embrace nature and love being in the wild by himself.

💥We also talk about growing up in Nashville, TN, his professional background, how ultrarunning has helped him to start a new chapter in his life and also starting his apparel company called “Scheme”

💥One of my favorite parts is when he talks about the concept of “zoning”, a kind of “meditation with intention” that he used to use at work, and now uses when running ultras

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